Sunday, July 19, 2009

Publix Plan - Week of 07/19/09

I only have a few publix items to grab this week. It's a short week at my house, so unless it's a staple or goes in the freezer, I probably won't be buying it this week (with the exception of cheese)

Here are the deals I'm looking at (all ideas from

Buy One Get One Deals

McCormick Grinder Seasonings, at $1.99
-$1 off any McCormick Spice “Nothing Goes To Waist” booklet
-$1 off McCormick Black Pepper RP 5/10
(either coupon makes it FREE!)

Other Deals

Fresh Express Salad Blends $2.50 ea
-$1 off Fresh Express Salads (store coupon) “Smart Summertime Savings” Booklet
-$1.50 off Fresh Express Salad (store coupon) Publix Family Style Mag. Summer 09
-.55/2 Fresh Express Sweet Tender Greens, or Cafe Salads, SS 6/14

Kraft Shredded Cheese, 14 or 16 oz, $3.99 ea
-$1 of Kraft 2% Cheese printable (IE) or printable (FF)
-.50/1 Kraft 2% Cheese tearpad

Gatorade, G2, or Gatorade Tiger, 8 pack $4.99 ea

-$2 off any Gatorade 8 pack coupon on select packages

Buy 2 Gatorade 8 packs, get (5) Propel Fitness Waters FREE in ad coupon

Band Aid Adhesive Bandages, 10-80 ct $2.19 ea
-$5.00/3 Band-Aid Brand (store coupon) Green Advantage Buy Flyer
-$1 Band-Aid Bandages SS 6/28
Band-Aid Bandages RP 4/26, 5/17

**Deal Idea**
Buy: (3) Band Aid Bandages
-$5 off (3) Band Aid products
(3) -$1 or .50/1 coupons
Total = you make $1.43 profit!


Glad Trash Bags, 14-28 ct, $3.69
-$1 off Glad Forceflex or Odor Shield printable (Target)
-$1 off Glad Forceflex Trash bags printable (IE) or printable (FF)
(if your store accepts Target, use both coupons makes it $1.69)

Viva Paper Towels, 1 Big Roll $1.89
-.40/2 Viva Big Rolls printable
-.40/1 any Viva Big Roll SS 6/28
any Viva Big Roll SS 6/28
-.50/1 any Viva Big Roll July All You Mag.

Kroger Plan - Week of 07/19/09

I have no plans to go to Kroger this week!!!!! :)

Walgreens Plan - Week of 07/19/09

I'm going to give Walgreens another try this week. There are some GREAT school supply deals, as well as an Axe deal I need to try.

These deals are primarily from (with a bit of mixed in for good measure!)

I'm starting the week with no Register Rewards (RR), so I need to do several transactions to roll things along and save my out of pocket costs...

Purchase #1
$1 RR wyb Pilot G2 pens, 2 pk at $1 — (makes it FREE!)
$1 oop
$1 RR

Repeat transaction #1 two more times (OOP = $3 with these 3 transactions and gives me $3 RR to get started)

Purchase #4

(1) Tylenol 40 or 50ct $4.99
(5) .09 filler from school supplies – poster board
(1) Mitchum deodorant (use in ad coupon .88)
-$2 off Tylenol
- $1 off mitchum
-$3 RR
Total Due: $.32 ish
Get Back: $3 RR

Purchase #5

Buy: (2) Reach Toothbrushes $5 ea
(2) Pencil @.09 ea
(3) Scotch Tape @.39 ea
Use: (1) B1G1 coupon - reach
(1) -$2 off coupons – reach
(1) -$1/3 coupon – Scotch
$3 RR
Total Due: $.25ish
Get Back: $3 RR

Purchase #6

$3 RR wyb (3) Axe Products at buy 2 get one free $5.79 ea
body wash ?? do you get $3 RR with body wash? Probably not
(2) .19 mechanical pencils
Use (3) -$1.50 off Axe Detailer or Skin Contact Shower Gel, RP 5/17
-$3 RR
Total Due $4.46
(get back $3 RR... if yes great, if no then I'll skip the last transaction)

Purchase #7

(2) Hefty Storage Bags B1G1 @ 3.29
(10) Folders @ .09
(5) Pencils @ .09
(5) Poster Board @.09
(2)-$1 off coupons – Hefty
-$3 RR (if applicable from axe)
Total Due .09

No RRs left!!!
Approx $8 OOP for the week if all went as planned and IF I chose to do all these trips. We'll see if that happens or not.

CVS Plan- Week of 07/19/09

CVS this week is all about school supplies for me. I'm going to end up with more ECBs than I like because of going into the week with 2 big ones $9 and $10.

Here's my plan that I've already started on...
(ideas from

There is a 3 day sale Sunday-Tuesday on School Supplies... I've already started on these deals since last week the stores ran out of the 3 day sale items before Tuesday.

99¢ ECB wyb Caliber or CVS Memo Book 50-80 sheets at 99¢ Free Limit 2

$1.99 ECB wyb Caliber or CVS No. 2 Pencils, 24ct, at $1.99 Free Limit 2

$3 ECB wyb 1″ Vinyl Binder at $3 Free Limit 2

99¢ ECB wyb Paper Mate Pens, 10 ct, at 99¢ Free Limit 2

$2 ECB wyb Caliber or CVS Filler Paper, 150 sheets, at $2 Free Limit 2

$.99 ECB wyb Papermate 8 count grip pens (rain check from last week) at $.99 ea Free Limit 3

Use $19 ECB from last week
Total due $2.02 (including tax)

Got back $20.91 ECB... need to figure out a way to use this towards the $10 off of $50 coupons that I have! But I can't think of anything I need $30 for right now!!!

I have a few small items that I might try to roll some of the smaller ones into, but there really is nothing I need that's a big ticket item! Maybe a memory card for my camera... they're on sale for $15... and some Pepcid which is on "sale" for $ my transaction would be...

(1) Gold Emblem Water @ 2.99
(2) Scissors (if they have them. I have a raincheck) @ 2.99 ($2.99 ecb back each)
(1) Memory Card @ 14.99
(1) AA Duracell Battery 4 pack @ 1.99 ($1 ECB)
(1) Bayer Breeze Glucose Meter (free and $5 ECB)
(1) CVS Liner $.89 ($.89 ECB)
(1) Pepcid Complete $8.50
(1) Candy Bar $1ish

total before coupons $54.44
(1) -$19.99/1 bayer
(1) -$1.00/1 gold emblem water
(1) -$1.00/1 duracell
(1) - $2.00/1 pepcid
(1) - $10 off $50 CVS

Total Due $21.45
Use $20.91 ECB
Total Due $.54

Get back $12.89 ECB... sounds like a plan... IF they have a bayer meter and the scissors back in stock!

Weekly Wrap Up - Week of 07/12/09

It was my first week back couponing and it took a little longer to get back into the groove than I'd like, but I got some good deals (and some crazy ones!)

I skipped Walgreens altogether. I've decided that it can be a pain in the butt if you don't have something you REALLY want to get for cheap/free. The biggest deal there last week was sunscreen and I decided I could live without 2 sunscreens for $1.50ish.

SO... here's what went down this week (LOTS of getting ready for back to school and having kids over in the afternoons)


4 Crystal Light Drink Mix
6 Klondike Bars
1 Del Monte Peaches
1 Juicy Fruit (took Thing 1... had to pay him off!)
1 Italian Sub Sandwich (off task a bit)
1 Chocolate muffins (WAY off task!)
8 Capri Sun Boxes
4 Nabisco Snack boxes
2 Deer Park 12 packs
4 Lucky Charms

Total OOP $43.51 (before tax) Savings $76.44 (over 60% savings even with off task items!)

I had another Publix run that was ALL blueberries, but I don't have the receipt. They were a GOOD deal last week at $1.60(ish) per pint. I stocked up (and they disappeared just as quick as I stocked up)


Craziness abounded at Kroger this week with their $5 off 10 item sale AND some hidden money back deals.

I'm missing one of my receipts, so I can't give you the low-down from it, but it was around $15ish (I think) OOP for

3 - Coke 2 liters
2 - Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
2 - OB
2 - Carefree
2 - Chewy Granola Bars
1 - Special K Bar
1 - Nesquick
1 - Gallon Milk

2nd, 3rd and 4th trip combined...

20 Amp Energy Drinks (ended up free)
2 Gallons Milk
1 3 pack Juicy Fruit
1 3 pack Double Mint
2 Dole Pineapple
12 Dole Fruit Cups
2 Special K Bars
4 Quaker Granola Bars
4 Soft Soap Hand Soap
2 Chiquita Apple Slices
3 Chex Mix
10 lbs Tyson Boneless Chicken Breasts
4 lbs cherries

Total OOP $47.11 total savings $85.53 (over 60% savings for the 2-4th trips) with $2.25 in kroger coupons to use on my next purchase (which I used today to buy this week's sunday paper!)


It's the right time to stock up on school supplies at stores like CVS and Walgreens...they're doing sales definitely as loss-leaders, hoping you'll buy more while you're there that's NOT on sale. I have had several $10 off of a $50 purchase coupons lately which are HARD to use when you're trying to keep your out of pocket expenses as low as possible and not end up with too many Extra Care Bucks to carry over to the next week. I didn't end up getting the photo books that I'd wanted and had to get rain-checks on several school supply items.

Here's how I did... starting the week with $3.50 ECB (there are some odd ball things in here!)... notice, things did not go as planned... but oh well!

2 - Rulers
2 - Notebooks (the kind with paper in them)
1 - Pencil Sharpener
2 - Pink/Purple/Green pen packs for ME (love me some purple and pink pens!!!)
2 - Glucose Meters (donating... they were free after coupon and helped get my total above $50)
2 - Tylenol
4 - Dr. Pepper
2 - Mounds Bars (yum!)

Total OOP $10.20 savings of $208.98... (crazy because of the glucose meters... 95% savings)

ECB back $19 (which you'll see in next week's plan...that I've already started on)

Total OOP for the week... $125ish total savings... can't calculate because I'm missing a receipt. :(

Hoping for less OOP this week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CVS - change of plans

Change of plans for CVS...

In order to help my out of pocket AND to keep myself from going crazy trying to get photos together today for the photo book, I'm going to do the transactions that require purchasing TODAY first and then work on the rest during the week.

Today's transaction (hopefully it will work)

2 - Glucose Meters (19.99 ea)
4 - Pepsi/Dr. Pepper(?)/Sierra Mist @ $3 ea
10 - school folders (.05 ea)
Total $52.48

use -$10 off $50
(2) -$19.99/1 glucose meter
$1.98 ECB
Total coupons = $41.96

.52 OOP!!!!

This leaves me with... $12 (plus $5.48 from prior puchases) in ECB - total of $17.48 ECB

Less OOP makes me HAPPY!

Week of 07/12/09 - CVS Plan

It's the week of crazy at CVS... school supplies and Christmas gifts abound! (if you are reading this and on my Christmas list... LOOK AWAY... FAST!!!!!!!) ;)

Here's what I'm doing...

Some of these sales only last through today (tuesday) so I need to hustle!!

$2 ECB wyb (4) Pepsi 12 pk cans, at $3 ea limit 1
(We are NOT a Pepsi family, but I'm HOPING Dr. Pepper falls into this category at CVS! That makes it $2.50 a 12 pack and that's a good deal in my books... anything under $3 makes it a good deal in my book)

.99¢ ECB wyb Caliber or CVS 1 Subject Notebook at .99¢ Free after ECB limit 2 (already bought this,but I'm listing it here for reference)

.99¢ ECB wyb Paper Mate Grip pens 8ct at .99¢ Free after ECB limit 3

$2.99 ECB wyb Caliber or It’s Academic 5″ scissors at $2.99 Free after ECB limit 2

.99¢ ECB wyb Caliber or CVS 12″ ruler at .99¢ Free after ECB limit 2 (already bought this one too)

Portfolio 2 Pocket Folders, .05¢ ea limit 10

the following sales go all week...

$7.99 ECB wyb 6×8 Photo Book with ten pages at $7.99 Free after ECB limit 1 <---actual limit is 5!!! This is a GREAT Christmas gift idea!!

$3 ECB wyb Tylenol arthritis or 8 hour 20-24 ct. $3.99 limit 3
-$2 off Tylenol Arthritis RP 5/17, SS 6/21
-$1 off Tylenol RP 6/07 or
$2.50 off $10 in pain relievers CVS coupon printing on receipts

$5 ECB wyb Bayer Contour Meter at $19.99 limit 2
-$30 off Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter RP 10/26/08, 2/01 or SS 3/22 <--- I THINK I have this)
(make $5 ECB)

Purex Detergent 2x or Complete 3-in-1, B1G1 ($5.75 each I THINK)

-$1 off Purex Detergent Product printable from

I have a $10 off of $50 coupon and I'm starting with $7.50 in ECB , so here's my plan...

(3) Tylenol Arthritis $3.99 ea ($9 ECB)

(1) Glucose Meter $19.99 ea ($5 ECB)

(3) Paper Mate Grip pens 8ct at .99¢ Free after ECB limit 3

(2) Caliber or It’s Academic 5″ scissors at $2.99 Free after ECB limit 2

(10) Portfolio 2 Pocket Folders, .05¢ ea limit 10

(1) 6×8 Photo Book with ten pages at $7.99 Free after ECB

(2) M&Ms $1.00ish (use B1G1 coupon)

Total before Coupons... $51.40

Use $10 off of $50 coupon

Use $2 off $10 tylenol coupon

Use $19.99 off glucose meter coupon

Use (3) $2 off tylenol coupon

Use B1G1 M&Ms coupon ($1ish)

After Coupons ($38.99) Total is $12.41

Use $7.46 ECB

Total OOP = $4.95

Get Back $30.94 ECB

2nd purchase...

(4) Pepsi 12 packs - $3 each = $2 ECB

(2) 6×8 Photo Book with ten pages at $7.99 = $7.99 ECB ea

(2) Purex Detergent 2x or Complete 3-in-1, B1G1 ($5.75 each I THINK)

(2)-$1 off Purex Detergent Product printable from

Total $33.73

Less coupons $2

Less $30.94 ECB

Total due = .79

ECBs back = $17.98

3rd purchase

Scott Towels 8 rolls $5.49 ea
-$1 off Scott Long Lasting or Mega Roll 4 roll or larger SS 7/12

(2) 6×8 Photo Book with ten pages at $7.99 = $7.99 ECB ea

Total Due = $21.47

Less Coupons and ECB ($18.98)

Total OOP = $2.49

Get back $15.98 ECB

Total OOP for 3 trips...


and have $15.98 ECB to start next week with!!!!! Profit of $7.75!!!

Let's see if it all works!!!!!!!


Made by Lena